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Welcome Lakeside Summit Springers!

I truly believe the love of a Springer is of the purest form, completely without resistance, no circumstance can change the way they feel for their families, this is called agape love. As a groomer I have spent a lot of time with all breeds and sizes of dog, none even come close to the feeling I have when around an ESS. They exuberate happiness, truly the clown of the dog world, to them making you smile is their job. We hope that we can help you find the companion of a lifetime! 

We are very excited to announce we have been accepted into the Good Dog Breeder Program! 

We pride ourselves in producing healthy, happy family companions. We use as much of the Puppy Culture program as time allows with all of our adults and puppies, which gives your new puppy a great start in life! ​



Hatteras (Hattie)







 Contact us today with any questions! (218)616-0932

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